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Incorporating our area's history into a scenic train ride.
The Copper King Express - Continuing a 100 year old legacy!

Ride the rails of the historic Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway.  
Incorporated in 1892, the B.A.&P. operated between the mining and
smelting communities of Butte and Anaconda, Montana.  The
B.A.&P. was the vital transportation link between the two thriving
The Copper King Express Is Created!!!

In 2004, Rarus Railway Company (the successor to the B.A.&P.),
purchased some passenger cars and created the "Copper King
Express".  With the creation of the excursion train, passenger
trains would once again operate over the former B.A.&P. line.  It
had been 50 years since the last regular passenger train service
operated on the line.
Contact Information:
B. A. & P. Railway
Operator of the "Copper King Express"
300 West Commercial Avenue
Anaconda, Montana 59711
Phone - 406-563-5458
Toll Free 1-877-563-5458
E-Mail -
Purchase Tickets

The Copper King Express will operate from May to September, and The North
Pole Express From November to December.  You can purchase tickets by
either calling 406-563-5458 or 1-877-563-5458 or on this website by clicking
on the
Tickets button.  You can also view the dates, times & additional
information of train rides under the
Tickets Button.
Enjoy all of the beauty and history swing trading strategy of the Anaconda and Butte Area
The Anaconda
Company Smelter -
The World's Tallest
Free Standing
Masonry Structure
Cars have been Remodeled
More Luxurious look and feel

Come check out the The Copper king Express and our new look
enjoy the beauty in side and out